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Hi, we're Heartland Ink!

Maybe you're a nonprofit in need of a grant. Maybe you're a medical or technology based business, struggling to compose an engaging, easy to read article. Or maybe you're a startup, striving to find the right words to market yourself and your business. Does any of that sound familiar? Writing in today's fast paced world can be difficult for the best of us, especially when your business and its reputation are on the line. We have a team of expert word smiths and grant writers that are here to make your business thrive. Whatever your writing needs may be, Heartland Ink will work with you to ensure a professional outcome.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Heartland Ink is to be a model writing service. By working with businesses big and small we will provide exemplary service to generate the growth and forward momentum of our client's vision for success.

Why Heartland Ink?

We believe that writing is essential to your business. No matter your industry, every business under the sun has got to write something. It might be for your website, a press release, a brochure, or even a business proposal. Whether you're just starting or have long been established, you need someone you can trust with such a huge responsibility. We don't take what we do lightly; we know that writing can make or break your business and that's why we're here to help.

Our personnel are highly skilled writers with experience working with businesses. We will never promise something we can't deliver and when we get hired for a project, we take it seriously. At Heartland Ink we believe that our values set us apart and we carry those everywhere we go with every client that we see.

Our Values


Businesses need to hire a company that shares their passion for success. We see our achievements through the growth our clients experience through us. We're passionate about what we do, how we do it, and who we do it for.

If we're hired, we see the project through to the end. Success is never a question of if, but when and how soon.

We start each project with curiosity; our client's vision is important to us. The opportunity to conduct research is exciting, and the complexity of a project is never a deterrent.


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